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August 03, 2008


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Egg Splore

Truth be told.
Why should I care when nobody else cares?

Maybe the math is important. Only an example. Deep Purple then may have been one out of 20 very popular bands having 10 mio. fans. John Doe & his Electric Band today is one in 10 mio. having 20 real fans and 2000 other artists trying to promote themselves on his page via comments/friendship.

i had maybe 20 artists/ band to adore then. People to adore 10 mio. need to be produced. this is the real purpose of myspace. get laid.

Frank Wood

I agree.

However putting comments on other people's pages (not other musicians' pages) does help to draw attention to your band especially if your comments show that you've read the other person's page.

Myspace is now just interested in promoting mainstream bands and couldn't give a toss about indie bands. The only use it has is for unsigned bands to at least have some sort of profile there which they can augment through well written and well placed comments.

That was the intention of my blog to point that out.


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